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Spear Digest


3D Printers in the Age of Digital Dentistry

Understanding the qualities and properties of different printed models is critical to restorative dentistry. Learn more about the Carbon3D software here.

| 11 months ago

How to Choose the Right Dental Practice Consultant

If you're considering hiring a practice consultant, make sure you know what questions to ask. Learn more in this article.

| 1 year ago

Should Dentists Use Kovanaze Nasal Spray?

A review of Kovanaze, looking at the research on this new dental anesthesia as well as the side effects and best practices.

| 2 years ago

MI Paste Plus and White Spot Lesions

MI Paste Plus has many benefits for dentists. Here's a step-by-step process for using it to eliminate white spot lesions.

| 3 years ago