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Dental Career Advice I Wish Someone Had Told Me In My Twenties

Young dentists, heed these quick words of wisdom from a seasoned pro!

| 4 weeks ago

Practice Management Lessons We Can Learn From the Wizard of Oz - Part II

If you look closely, there's something to learn about practice management from 'Wizard of Oz'.

| 2 months ago

What We Can Learn About Dentistry From First Dates

Are you making a positive, lasting first impression on your patients that will keep them satisfied and loyal to your practice?

| 3 months ago

What Happens When You Have To Extract and Replace a Molar?

Before you extract and replace a molar, it's crucial that you understand why it was lost to begin with.

| 4 months ago

Where Is the Edge?

Determining where an incisal edge should be placed isn't always easy. Here's a technique to try next time you're feeling stuck.

| 5 months ago

The Truth About Group Function

Group function in occlusal schemes is critical - but what's the one type of group function critical to the success of your practice as a whole?

| 6 months ago

What Do Golf and Occlusal Dysfunction Have In Common?

Looking at occlusal dysfunction through the lens of golf.

| 6 months ago

Yogi Berra Would Have Been a Good Dental Practice Consultant

Perspectives on dentistry can be found in many places, even in the words of Yogi Berra.

| 7 months ago

You Sell More Dentistry By Not Selling Dentistry

Learn how to use a variety of resources to get patients to emotionally engage with and accept the best treatment for their needs.

| 7 months ago

How To Help Patients Value Dentistry: One Dentist's Firsthand Experience

It can be tricky to figure out how to get a patient to fully understand the value of treatment - this story is a great example of how to succeed in that.

| 8 months ago

How To Administer Anesthesia Without Using an IAN Block

Haven't had much luck with IAN blocks? Learn how to administer effective anesthesia with a different technique.

| 8 months ago

A Master in the Art of Living - The Key To a Happier Career

Personal growth and education can lead you and your team to a happier and more successful practice.

| 9 months ago